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BBC School Report 2016

Extreme Weather. Why America Has More Storms Than The UK? We are in a group of two and we are doing about extreme weather conditions in America and in the UK and why America has got more extreme weather than in the UK.

Tampon Tax

In England there is a 5% tax on sanitary products; otherwise known as the tampon tax.  This is because HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) categorises these products as “non-essential luxury” items. 90% of the people we spoke to thought this was ‘stupid’, ‘disgusting’, and ‘ridiculous.

Would you risk going on holiday during school time because it’s cheaper, even though you get a fine? 

We have investigated the percentage of how much the price goes up on holidays before half term, during half term and after half term, which has brought to light that many adults would rather pay the £60 fine to take their children out of school to get a cheaper holiday.  Center Parcs prices become £680 more expensive in the 2016 May half term, then it goes down by £450 once the school holidays are over.

Why do we spend so long in school?

On our recent survey, we asked a few adults, students and teachers what they thought of the school times. Many of them thought the times were fine and there was nothing wrong with them, others said they think the school times should be a little bit later and the age that you start school should be older.


2015 Reports

School Stress Strains Students ‎– On a recent survey, we found out that the largest trigger of stress amongst the pupils of our school was exams. We interviewed pupils on the topic and got advice from specialists over the phone.

Body Image – When the year 10 class of Solway Community School were asked to write an article for the BBC, immediately the subject ‘body image’ came up. The year 10 class all agree that it’s a major problem that doesn’t get enough publicity. The reasons for this involve consequences of not having what society classes as the ‘perfect body’, and we wanted to ask, what is the perfect body?

Gay Pride – A school is one of the worst places for bullying, fact. And as teenagers ourselves we know this. We have had experience ourselves with this and seen it all happen before. With exams coming closer and closer stress levels increase dramatically, students already have enough to have to put up with, without having to try and appeal to their peers. In a stressful time like this, the worst thing students need is to feel like they’re worthless and an outcast because of their sexuality. This can affect their results and then affect their whole future.