Music/Performing Arts

music-logoSubject: Music/Performing Arts
Head of Department: Mr I Kirby

Subject News

Listen to an interview with Mr Kirby and our fabulous school Samba band on local radio!

KS3 Information:

Emphasis is placed on practical music making and composing. Opportunities for playing and composing for a range of instruments is encouraged from Drums, Keyboards and Guitars. Topics covered relate to the schools ‘Opening Minds’ curriculum in Year 7 and 8, so Media, Music from other Cultures, Arranging and Blues are just some of the areas covered.

Year 9 sees an emphasis on more popular music including different eras of pop and  Dance.

KS4 Information:

Pupil are able to study GCSE Performing Arts as a single or dual award subject.

Unit1: Skills Development; Unit 3: Working To A Commission

Pupils develop their individual performance, design or technical skills whilst working effectively within a team.

Unit 2: Showcase Performance; Unit 4: Final Performance

Pupils work towards presenting a showcase and Final Performance to demonstrate the skills they have learnt and developed in units 1 and 3.

Pupils entered for signal award GCSE will study units 1 and 2, those entered for dual award GCSE will, in addition study units 3 and 4.

Exam Information

Title: Performing Arts

Type: GCSE

Board: AQA

Additional Information

From September it is hoped to be able to offer individual and group tuition on a range of instruments. Please contact music department for more information.

From September all students are invited to join the extra-curricular Samba Band.

From academic year 2014 students will be able to opt to study a GCSE in Performing Arts offering in addition to music, drama, dance, theatre studies and technical aspects of the performing arts.