maths-logoSubject: Mathematics
Head of Department: Mr T Hailwood

Subject information:

Department staff are enthusiastic and committed to the success of our pupils. In a recent school Ofsted all members of the departments teaching was rated as good or outstanding. Staff regularly provide extra learning sessions during holidays and after school. The department has fully interactive whiteboards in every classroom and is well resourced. We enjoy seeing pupils leaving successful and confident in tackling challenging problems in a creative ways.

KS3 Information:

In Key Stage 3 the pupils learn about 5 building blocks of mathematics in the updated Curriculum; Numbers and the Number System, Calculating, Algebra, Shape Space and Measure, Handling Data and Using and Applying Mathematics. Pupils develop thinking skills through the subject they can then apply to abstract and unusual situations as well as more familiar situations. This helps them across the curriculum in Science and Technology as well as other subjects.

KS4 Information:

In Key Stage 4 the pupils build on the learning they have achieved in Key Stage 3. They work through 25 different topics. Embedded into these topics is a series of functional skills elements in which the pupils use the skills they have learned and apply them to possible ‘real life’ scenarios.

Assessment how?

There are 3 exams. Each 1 hour 30 minutes. Paper 1 is Non-Calculator while Paper 2 and 3 are both Calculator Papers.

Exam Information:

Exam Title: Mathematics A – Linear (1MA1)

Exam Type: GCSE

Exam Board: EDEXCEL