Head of Department: Mrs S Thorp
Science Teachers: Mr Callaway & Ms Petrie

Subject Information:

In Years 7&8 Pupils Study

All pupils follow a broad and balanced curriculum covering the three main science subjects together with ‘How Science Works’. Pupils are challenged to think scientifically and encouraged to work independently. They are assessed regularly by tests and levelled tasks to ensure that they are on track. An emphasis on scientific inquiry and use of ICT in lessons aims to encourage pupils to be actively engaged in their work. Pupils begin their GCSE Science at the beginning of Year 9.

In Years 9-11 GCSE Pupils Study:

The new AQA Specification Trilogy (Combined Science) or Separate Sciences.

Pupils will study common topics in a parallel fashion which include covering 12 Required practical topics which assess experimental skills, however the Separate Science group will move at a slightly faster pace to accommodate for the extra content.

How do we assess?

The course is assessed by written exam papers; covering Biology, Chemistry and Physics. These are all taken in May/June of year 11. Pupils in all years complete an end of topic test which builds up synoptically throughout the year. They then complete differentiated improvement tasks. During Y10 pupils will sit an AQA published exam paper as part of their mocks.

Exam Information:

Exam Title: Trilogy, Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Exam Type: Double and Triple award.

Exam Board: AQA


A regular STEM club runs after school. All pupils are welcome to attend to either get help with Science homework, or carry out experimental investigations. The club is open to both KS3 and KS4 pupils.