Religious Education

At Solway Community School RE is taught as part of our Humanities curriculum and consists of a series of cross-curricularĀ themed days based on the major religions (Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Sikhism, Islam and Judaism).
Whilst normal lessons provide the basis for the much of the theoretical side of the subject, delivered in advance of the cross themed days, the latter allow students to explore beliefs through a series of fun, creative and engaging workshops which celebrate religion and promote understanding and tolerance through the arts, music and dance, cooking and drama. Other areas of the curriculum also overtly deliver RE where appropriate, for example Judasim as part of the History curriculum involving the Holocaust.
To further strengthen students’ understanding of other religions we frequently invite members of our local church to speak during assemblies and in personal development. This year, we are developing links with Carlisle Cathedral and Canon Missioner Michael Manley is delivering a series of assemblies to support the school’s values. In addition, Yvette Ladds, the Network Youth Church Minister for Solway will be setting up reflection rooms where students have the opportunity to be reflective, share their thoughts in creative and atmospheric environments; previous reflection rooms at Federation School Beacon Hill have included a Narnia setting, for example.