Lawn Green Bowling Club

On Wednesday 2nd July a small but select group of pupils and staff visited the Silloth Bowling Club to learn how to play lawn bowls.  Mr Spence (Calum’s Dad) gave us expert tuition while Mrs Spence provided refreshments.  Altogether we played 10 ends, and learned how to make the bowl curve towards the jack as well as how to place the jack and mats on the green, and how to score.






All of the players were very good at bowling, with Mrs Rowlands and Mrs Bell proving to be particularly competitive.  Team Dalton (Mrs Rowlands, Megan Wilson, Adam Johnson and Calum Spence) played against each other and after a highly competitive match, the game was declared a draw.  The A Team (Callum Morris, Oliver Rowe and Mrs Bell plus Liam) played equally competitively, with some excellent ends from all the players.

The club is playing outdoors from September.  If any pupils are interested in joining, please see Mrs Rowlands for more information.