Independent Study

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The purpose of these lessons is to:

  • Encourage independent working and independent learning
  • Build skills in dialogic marking
  • Build skills in thinking about learning – metacognition
  • Build skills in researching, planning and problem solving
  • Build skills in critical thinking and assessing quality of information
  • Build skills in using IT for school and work


Year 7 – focusing on introducing and embedding the concept of independent working, dialogic marking and metacognition.  In later terms introduce use of IT to research and submit challenges.  Some group work introduced at later stages of the year.  Focus on written answers, extended writing and SPAG with length of task increasing as the year progresses.


Year 8 – build on year 7 and introduce various IT and communication based skills including internet research, quality of information found and assessing sources.  Introduction of different methodologies for presentation of information on the computer.  Focus on independence, dialogic marking and planning of answers involving extended writing and larger pieces of work.


Year 9 – embed IT and researching skills.  Use of group work to carry out significant projects including extended writing and using various presentation methods.  Continuing focus on planning, metacognition and dialogic marking.