Subject: History
Teachers: Ms J Dakers

KS3 Subject Information

In KS3 students will be given the opportunity to study a wide range of topics. Students will begin their journey with questioning the significance of the Roman Empire before focusing on the Norman Conquest and life in Medieval Britain. During years 8 and 9 students will focus on Tudor Britain, the slave trade and World Wars 1 and 2 (including the Holocaust).

KS4 Subject Information

Students opting for AQA GCSE History at Solway Community College will study a range of topics in the new syllabus. In Paper 1, students focus on Understanding the Modern World and some of the most turbulent and troubled times in the 20th Century from the inter-war years to the struggle for civil rights in the USA. In Paper 2, students focus on Shaping the Nation which requires them to study an aspect of British history in detail. At Solway, this involves how medicine and health developed in Britain from 1000 AD to present day as well as a detailed look at the Norman Conquest of England in the second half of the 11th century.

Paper 1: Understanding the Modern World

  • America 1920-73: Opportunity and Inequality
  • Conflict and Tension: The Inter-war years, 1918-39

Paper 2: Shaping the Nation

  • Britain: Health and the People: c1000 to the present day
  • Norman England, c1066 – c1100

Assessment: At the end of Year 11, GCSE History students sit two exams, the first on Paper 1 and the second on Paper 2. Both exams carry equal weighting.