Gardening Club Summer Update

Green Tomatoes

Green Tomatoes

Our gardening club continues to flourish, with the polytunnel now full of tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers kindly donated by Mrs Hoodless, Mrs Heath and Natalie’s mum. We have grown plenty of radishes that have been used in salads for our lunches, and outdoors we are successfully growing various types of beans and peas. We have struggled to grow cabbages and other outdoor crops, it seems that the Solway Community Technology College slugs are a force to be reckoned with;  although some volunteer potatoes that were in the soil already appear to be doing pretty well.

It’s a shame that someone keeps stealing not only any strawberries that are ripe, but also the tall canes that our beans are growing up.  We think the local bird population might be enjoying our strawberries, but we doubt that they could steal and break our canes.

We are now trying a more sophisticated structure of canes and string to try to keep our beans upright until they crop and hope that any `after hours` visitors do not steal them.

Our small band of willing helpers spend two or three lunchtimes a week watering the plants and keeping an eye on the crops, and are busy planning what to grow next year after the successes and failures of this year.

We are also getting a visit from judges from the Royal Horticultural Society next week, who are judging Silloth as a whole for an award of ‘Best Coastal Town’ in this year’s RHS awards.

Fingers crossed that they like our garden.